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To model the DNA nano structures, 3DNA is a software suite, which can be used for modeling, editing and visualizing complex structures. 3DNA works on the simple and modular assembly of DNA Bricks [1] developed by Yonggang Ke, Luvena Ong, William Shih and Peng Yin, thus offering a better approach to construct 3D nano shapes. Apart from modeling and envisaging shapes, 3DNA also supports an integrated random sequence generator that gives sequences directly against the designed model.

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DNA computing, Molecular programming, DNA nano strcutures, DNA nanotechnology.

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1.Ke, Y., Ong, L. L., Shih, W. M., & Yin, P. (2012). Three-dimensional structures self-assembled from DNA bricks. Science, 338(6111), 1177-1183.
2. Shikhar Kumar Gupta, Foram Joshi, Dixita Limbachiya and Manish K. Gupta, 3DNA: A Tool for Lego Modeling, In Proceeding of Foundations of Nanoscience Self-Assembled Architectures and Devices(FNANO14), SnowBird, Utah, USA. pp.190 , 2014 (poster) arXiv:1405.4118 [cs.ET].
3. Watch the vedio of Building 3D strucutures with DNA bricks

Gradtuate Mentor

1. Dixita Limbachiya (India)
2. Martin Sajfutdinow (Germany)

Key Developers

1. Shikhar Gupta (Master student in Molecular Bioengineering in the BIOTEC department of Technische Universitat Dresden, Germany)
2. Foram Joshi (Master in Nanobiophysics in the BIOTEC department of Technische Universitat Dresden, Germany)

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