A single web-based application for all the stakeholders that will act as an interface to the HHRS. The web based application will be hosted on a central server. There will also be a mobile based application for the patient and the high end mobile at the server. The HHRS provides an User Interface to all the user’s registered with the system. The system collects the data from all the actors in the project viz. patient, doctor, laboratory, hospital and government, and creates a central database. The doctors will have the ease to access the system and give E-Prescriptions to their patients. The patients can get appointments online. The government will have the reserved rights and access to all the data in the system as such will receive alerts in cases of the system traces the emergence of epidemics in the city.

          The Human Health Record System (HHRS) utilizes internet and mobile technology in an efficient way for the benefit of the users. The project uses sensor,mobile and IT technologies to provide a public health care system. It aims at creating a centralized global system, which monitors the health of the users, record every possible health related information and makes it available to doctors, pathological labs, hospitals and the government apart from the patient. Project involves the following modules -
















 o The patient’s acquisition and processing system that will be implemented through the sensors. “Wireless Bio Amplifier” sensor is used to transfer ECG report to user’s mobile.

o The Medical Control Unit in the mobile phone .This module enables
reception, visualization and storage of ECG report on user’s mobile.

o A mobile application for the high end mobile that will forward the incoming
messages from user’s mobile to the server via Bluetooth. . The application will also
send alerts from the server to the respective users.

o The Medical Control Unit that will be centrally located and would provide
information as and when required. The centrally located medical control unit
will display the contents of database through a user friendly interface.