Interesting Links

The following list is a collection of some interesting links related to course cse450/598.  If you find any other related links please
let us know at

  1. Course CSE 450/598 spring 2003 web site 
  2. Text Book Web Page
  3. Optional Book web Page
  4. A List of Some Books on Algorithms at Amazon
  5. The Art of Computer Programming (TACOP) Page
  6. Jeff Erickson's Lecture Notes
  7. Analysis of algorithms home page
  8. Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures
  9. The Stony Brook Algorithm Repository
  10. A List of Algorithms Courses on WWW
  11. Google Algorithms Web Directory
  12. Dmoz Algorithms Directory
  13. The Complete Collection of Algorithm Animations (CCAA)
  14. The Collected Algorithms (CALGO) of ACM
  15. The Medical Algorithms Project
  16. The Genetic Algorithms Archive
  17. Quantum Computer Simulators
  18. Algorithms for Molecular Biology
  19. Rivest List
  20. The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences
  21. IBM Research Algorithms & Theory
  22. Algorithm Comparison Page
  23. Challenges for Theoretical Computer Science: DRAFT
  24. DIMACS
  25. A very nice guide to 3GPP cryptographic algorithms, from Janos A. Csirik
  26. A survey on GSM security, from Lauri Pesonen
  27. A very nice set of links to information on GSM security, from Charles Brookson
  28. A List of Researchers in Algorithms & Complexity
  29. The Centre for Quantum Computation
  31. Everyone's Guide to DNA Computers
  32. Scientific guide to DNA Computers
  33. Eric B. Baum's Page
  34. Molecular Information Theory and the Theory of Molecular Machines
  35. Laboratory for Molecular Science
  36. Handbook of Algorithms and Data Structures
  38. Khurram's Minesweeper Page
  39. A recent Talk of Richard Kaye on Minesweeper
  40. Visualization of Splay Tree
  41. Sorting Algorithms
  42. The Complexity of Addition
  43. TCS Cheat Sheet
  44. The RSA Challenge Numbers
  45. PRIMES is in P
  46. A Book by G.J. Chaitin on Algorithmic Information Theory
  47. G J Chaitin's Home Page
  48. A Theoretician's guide to the experimental analysis of algorithms
  49. 8th DIMACS Implementation Challenge: The Traveling Salesman Problem
  50. Near Quadratic Matrix Multiplication Modulo Composites
  51. Electronic Colloquium on Computational Complexity
  52. Lance Fortnow's Computational Complexity Web Log
  53. The Computing Research Repository (CoRR)
  54. ACM Special Interest Group on Algorithms and Computation Theory (SIGACT)
  55. The Complexity Zoo
  56. A vedio Talk of Scott Aaronson on Searching a cube
  57. OOP Web and Algorithms
  58. Computing Fibonacci Numbers via 5 different algorithms
  59. Web Data Structures and Algorithms of Godfried
  60. A Tutorial on Dynamic Programming
  61. Dynamic Programming Algorithm (DPA) for Edit-Distance
  62. Graph Algorithms
  63. Dynamic Programming
  64. Dynamic Programming Algorithms: All Pairs shortest paths
  65. Research in Quantum Computing and Information
  66. Algorithmic Introduction to Coding Theory
  67. Madhu Sudan's Course Notes on Coding Theory
  68. Coding theory: the first 50 years
  69. An Introduction to Error-Correcting Codes
  70. The Digital Revolution (I) - Barcodes: Introduction
  71. Digital Revolution (II) - Compression Codes and Technologies; Introduction
  72. Digital Revolution (Part III) - Error Correction Codes
  73. The ABC of DNA Computing
  74. The mathematical CAT scan
  75. From Euclid and Euler to Public-Key Codes
  76. Mathematics and the Genome: Introduction
  77. Complexity Issues in Coding Theory
  78. Collection of Lecture Notes, Surveys, and Papers
  79. More Graph Algorithms
  80. Challenge Problems: Independent Sets in Graphs: N. J. A. Sloane
  81. DIMACS Implementation Challenges
  82. Modular arithmetic and finite field theory: A tutorial
  83. Algorithms in Tomography: Frank Natterer
  84. Biomedical Structural Research
  85. Greedy Algorithms: MST
  86. Greedy Algorithms
  87. Chapter: Greedy Algorithms
  88. Dynamic Programming and Greedy Algorithms
  89. Greedy Algorithms
  90. Backtracking Algorithms
  91. Branch-and-Bound Algorithms
  92. Quick Review Lecture Notes of Gurari
  93. Important Survey Talks of Lance Fortnow
  94. Fast Fourier Analysis on Groups
  95. Algorithmic Aspects of Quantum Computing
  96. FFT Links
  97. ACM programmings problems
  98. On Line Lecture of Prof. Vijaya Ramachandran on P vs NP
  99. Primes in P (AMS article)
  100. Some heuristic search techniques
  101. First Annual Google Programming Contest