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Schedule - SC 461
(Introduction to Coding Theory)

Note: Please check this page regularly. The projects are either theoretical investigation from computer science point of view or development of a software. It will depend on the student interest.

Week Topics Slides Scribes
1 (Jan 2) Introduction
  • Lecture 1
  • 2 (Jan 7 ) Arithmetic in Z_n and GF(2^m), Vector Space: (Z_2)^n,
    Basic Codes, Applications to Error Detection: ISBN Codes, Bar Codes
  • 3 (Jan 14 ) Error Correction and Hamming distance, Generator and
    Parity Check Matrix, Array and Syndrome Decoding,
    Simple Communication Channel, Equivalence of MLD and NND
  • 4 (Jan 21 ) Sphere-Packing bound and Perfect Codes: Hamming and Golay
    MacWilliams Identity, Main Coding Theory Problem, Singleton bound,
    Plotkin bound, MDS Codes, Optimal Codes
  • 5 (Jan 28 ) Hadamard Matrix and Golay Code, Reed Muller Code
    Codes over Z_4, Non-linear Codes, Cyclic Codes, Properties of finite fields
    Minimal Polynomials, Cyclotomic Cosets
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    Note: Please check this page regularly. Some Slides and Scribes are available at DA-IICT intranet server.