ECE 352 - Systems II

Course Syllabus for Autumn 2004

Instructor: Dr. Manish K. Gupta, 272 Caldwell Lab, Email: guptam @ ece . osu . edu

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Text: Kamen and Heck, Fundamentals of Signals and Systems Using MATLAB, 2nd edition, Prentice Hall, 2000.
          The authors' web resource for the text is found here.
          We will cover Sampling (Section 5.5) and  Chapters 8, 9, 11, and 13 of the second edition of the text.
          We will also introduce selected applications in communications (Ch. 6), control (Ch 10), and signal processing (Ch. 12).

Other Linear Systems Texts:

Study Guides:

References on Matlab:

Grading: The tentative grading schedule is as follows: Homework and / OR Projects:
Homework will be assigned regularly in class. Homework is considered an integral part of this course, and you are expected to work all homework assignments. Homework will include computer assignments that use Matlab. . There will be two kind of home works (Type I & II). You have to submit type I home work in time. Late homework or projects will receive a grade of zero. Type II home work (class home work : No Submission ).

You are responsible for all assignments, changes of assignments, announcements, and other course-related events which occur in class.

Honor System:
The OSU and ECE Department Honor System rules apply to all of your work. Since the primary purpose of homework and projects is to help you solidify your understanding of course material, discussions on homework and related course material are encouraged. However, all written work turned in must be your own and it is an honor code violation otherwise. While you may discuss homework with your colleagues, any work you turn in must be generated by you, and must reflect your understanding of the material.  It is an honor code violation, for example, to discuss and generate solutions jointly, and to turn in (nearly) identical solutions based on joint discussions. Help from anyone except the instructor is not permitted on midterms and final exams.

Topical Outline:
Number of Lectures
Kamen & Heck Chapters
(2nd edition)
Frequency Response and Sampling Review
Chapter 5
Laplace Transforms
Chapter 8
Transfer functions, stability and step responses
Chapter 9
Chapter 11
Transfer functions, stability and step responses (DT)
Chapter 11
State variable descriptions
Chapter 13
Applications to Communications, Control and Signal Processing
selected topics from Chapters 6, 10, and 12

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