• DNA Computing and Self-Assembly
  • Algorithms
  • RBC Morhphology and Image Processing
  • DNA Data Storage
  • Database
  • 3D Simulations/Game Development
  • Coding Theory and its Applications
  • Mobile Learning

DNACloud is an affable and robust tool which can help you to convert your computer files to DNA bases thereby helping you to store your data on DNA. Similarly, a file can be retrieved if you provide the DNA string to this tool.To know more about DNACloud, you can visit this link.
Guide: Prof. Manish K Gupta
Environment: python, wxpython GUI Framework

The software was selected for poster presentation at the 11th Foundations of Nanoscience: Self-Assembled Architectures and Devices (FNANO14).

Haemoglobin's disorder Sickle Cell Anemia kills more than 300,000 babies and mothers through out the world every year. In this project, we have come up with an image processing technique to detect SCD. Other features of the app include collecting and analyzing data, which can also be synced over devices. To know more you can visit this link.

Guide: Prof. Anil Roy
Environment: Windows 8.1 Store App, C#.

The software was selected for paper presentation at the IEEE Region 10 Humanitarian Technology Conference 2014(IEEE R10 HTC). We are also in process of applying a patent for this entire technology solution.

India is a country where languages belong to several language families. There are common interlingual such as English and Hindi but only known to “elite” or educated people. This is very uncommon and most of the time there is a linguistic divide. At cosmopolitan gathering points, people are not expected to have a common interlingual language. Hence the name, Indian Coffee House (Problem).To know more about ICHP, you can visit this link.

Guide: Prof. Prasenjit Majumdar
Environment: PHP, CSS3, HTML5.

This is a 3D OpenGL graphic where I've made a simulacrum of starwars soldier. This humanoid can walk as well as glide in air with a sword in his hand.

Guide: Prof. Nitin Raje
Environment: OpenGL, Python.

This is a game where a character named Ralph ends up on a spooky planet unlike Earth, where he is surrounded by aliens. He is hungry and thirsty but those gruesome monsters are obtruding his path to obtain the food. Help ralph survive in this wild environment.

Guide: Prof. Nitin Raje
Environment: Panda3D, Python, Blender.

A prototype for an embedded device like a watch which can notify you whenever you have new notifications of Facebook or Gmail thereby saving you from the hassle of unlocking you mobile. The product demo video is available here.

Guide: Prof. Rahul Dubey
Environment: Arduino, Python

An android application which can save you from the ordeal of going to the pharmacy shop. Rather, it gives an auto-complete list of medicine which you need to select, along with your city, and it gives you the bill of lowest possible prices. Home-delivery option is available.
Guide: Pranat Bhandai
Environment: Android, JAVA