"DNA is like a computer program but far, far more advanced than any software ever created."

-Bill Gates, The Road Ahead

DNA self-assembly is a robust approach for building structures at nanoscale. Researchers around the world have proposed and implemented different techniques to build two and three dimensional nanostructures using such techniques. One such technique is the usage of DNA Bricks, proposed by Yonggang Ke, Luvena Ong, William Shih and Peng Yin to create complex three-dimensional (3D) structures.

To model these DNA nanostructures we present "3DNA" a software suite, which can be used for modelling, editing and visualizing such complex structures. 3DNA works on the simple and modular assembly of DNA Bricks, thus offering a better approach to constructing 3D shapes. Apart from modeling and envisaging shapes, 3DNA also supports an integrated random sequence generator that gives sequences directly against the designed model.

3DNA 3.0

The new 3DNA 3.0 results from the collaboration between Dr. Manish K. Gupta (DA-IICT, India) and Dr. David M. Smith ( Fraunhofer IZI, Germany). The advancement in 3DNA 3.0 can be observed in the additional option of creating a 13nt bricks-based structure along with the previously available option of the 8nt bricks structure-based 3D model. Also, this version enables the automated alert facility for the DNA nanostructure's connectivity.

3DNA 2.0

3DNA 2.0 is a joint collaboration between Dr. Manish K. Gupta (DA-IICT, India) and Dr. David M. Smith ( Fraunhofer IZI, Germany). 3DNA 2.0 has advance features for 3D strucutres and constraints on DNA sequences. It enables DNA bricks crystal formation. It also identifies and creates boundary bricks surrounding the internal cavity to check the stability of DNA sequences.

Poster Paper

Shikhar Kumar Gupta, Foram Joshi, Dixita Limbachiya and Manish K. Gupta, 3DNA : A Tool for DNA Sculpting, FNANO 14 Conference 2014, Snowbird, Utah, USA, 2014. Poster(pdf)


Shikhar Kumar Gupta, Foram Joshi, Amay Agrawal, Sourav Deb, Martin Sajfutdinow, Dixita Limbachiya David M. Smith and Manish K. Gupta, “3DNA: A Tool for DNA Sculpting” (2022) (Submitted in Nanoscale)