""DNA is like a computer program but far, far more advanced than any software ever created.""


       Bill Gates, "The Road Ahead," pg. 188 (Viking, Penguin Group, 1995))


DNA computing has witnessed various applications. In this work we explore its application in image processing. Can one use DNA to process images? Can we make nano scale images from DNA. Seeking answer to this, lead us to development of DNAImagePro. Algorithmic tile-assembly is one of the model of the DNA computing. Erik Winfree developed Xgrow that simulates the tile assembly for the given set of the tile sets. Tile assembly models can be used for the understanding the concept of algorithmic growth and processing of DNA self asssembly system. One of the areas is image generation where the tile assembly plays roles to understand the image formation and processing. The pattern for the image processing can be processed by algorithmic tile assembly. DNA Image Pro provides a platform to understand the image generation and processing with perspective of algorithmic tile assembly.

DNA Image Pro includes the modified version of Xgrow to generate image by the tile assembly for any given image. Along with this, it can be used for to choose any tile set color. The alpha version of DNA Image Pro provides few image optimization algorithms for image processing with tile assembly.

DNA Image Pro has been developed for the sole-purpose of generating a user-friendly, interactive environment for simple Image Processing using DNA tile assembly.