Stochastic Simulations of few RNA-interference models and its dynamics and efficacy as anti-viral treatment against HIV-1

Muskan Kukreja and Manish K. Gupta
Laboratory of Natural Information Processing
Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology (DA-IICT),
Gandhinagar, India
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RNA- interference has been considered as a promising anti-viral treatment. Many mathematical models have been proposed for RNA-i mechanism and HIV-1 separately. Little work is known from systems biology approach. On the other hand recently stochastic calculus has been widely used to model complex biological process to understand them at systems level but very little work has been done to successfully inhibit HIV-1 using RNA-i. In this work, using stochastic calculus, we have modeled pathway of si-RNA transfection at several stages of HIV-1 replication cycle in order to prevent HIV-1 escape from RNA-i. In particular, we have considered transfection of CD4, pre-sliced mRNA virus, viral genes such as TAT, NEF and GAG for more effective inhibition and also p24 si-RNA for efficient prevention of integration and reconstruction of HIV-1 progeny.

Keywords: anti-viral, RNA-i, HIV-1, Systems Biology, AIDS, si-RNA, pi-calculus, stochastic, virus