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Gupta Lab is currently set up at Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology situated in Gandhinagar.

DA-IICT is situated in the city of Gandhinagar, the capital city of Gujarat. The city lies to the north of Ahmedabad, nearly 22 Km from the Ahmedabad Railway Station, and just 16 Km away from the airport. The city of Gandhinagar cannot boast of excellent connectivity to other cities but the neighboring city of Ahmedabad is well connected to all the major cities directly via railway routes and airways. Local Transportation is frequently available to reach the university.

Ahmedabad Railway station to DA-IICT

Government buses, shuttling between Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar, run on a regular basis, and one of their various stops is just a stone's throw from the Ahmedabad railway station. Also, Gujaratis are very amiable people, and will direct you to the proper bus if asked. The stop at Gandhinagar where you need to disembark is Gh-0 or Ch-0, both of which are less than 1 Km from the DA-IICT campus. From here, autos could be easily hired to the campus. Taxi services consist of mostly Ambassador Cabs and taxis could be hired for a one-way trip to DA-IICT.

Ahmedabad Airport to DA-IICT

Ahmedabad airport boasts of a good taxi service where cabs can be hired to take you to DA-IICT. Regular buses are also available at a short distance from the airport which would drop you off at either Gh-0 or Ch-0 from where you can hire an auto to take you to the college campus.

Ahmedabad Bus Terminal Gandhinagar

Regular buses are available from the Gita Mandir Bus terminal at Ahmedabad, apart from the various bus-stops across the city to take you to Gh-0 or Ch-0 near DA-IICT.

Directions to Gupta Lab on Google Maps