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Software Resources

We have developed the following software products.

  1. 3DNA: A Tool for DNA Sculpting

  2. DNA Cloud: A Tool for Storing Big Data on DNA

  3. DNA Pen: A Tool for Drawing on a Molecular Canvas

  4. Biospectrogram: A Tool for Spectral Analysis of Biological Sequences

  5. XTilemod: A Software Package for Modular Arithmetic via DNA Self-Assembly

  6. XTile: An Error Correction Package for DNA Self-Assembly

  7. Human Health Records System (HHRS)

    We have also developed the following new courses.

    Fall 2014: Elements of Synthetic Biology: Life 2.0

    Fall 2010: Introduction to Natural Computing

    Fall 2007: Foundations of Computational and Systems Biology

    Spring 2008:Topics in Bioinformatics