Research XTile: An Error-Correction Package for DNA Self-Assembly

Development of a web based applet and a downloadable package with advanced functionality, providing GUI for automated generation of standard files (used for DNA self-assembly simulation using Xgrow simulator, by Erik Winfree, Caltech) and application of standard error-correction techniques. This research project aims at developing User Interface based support features for algorithmic self-assembly.

MILLEE: Mobile Immersive Learning for Literacy in Emerging Economies

MILLEE is a research initiative of TIER (Technology and Infrastructure for Emerging Regions) Group undertaken by University of California, Berkeley. This research project aims to enhance access to literacy among children of school-going age in the developing world by develop games on cell-phones which facilitate English learning in the target group of children between ages 6-14. I am responsible for content development for these games to facilitate their deployment and follow up field testing.


Anshul Chaurasia, Sudhanshu Dwivedi, Prateek Jain and Manish K. Gupta - "XTile: An Error-Correction Package for DNA Self-Assembly" to appear in proceedings of 6th Annual Conference on Foundations of Nanoscience (FNANO 09): Self-Assembled Architectures and Devices, Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A., 20th-24th April 2009,    5 pages.

Anshul Chaurasia - “Prisoners in Teleporters” a science fiction themed short story in Science Reporter (a popular national level monthly science magazine published by NISCAIR), pg 44-48, February 2005 edition.

  • Event Management System   

         Software Engineering project

A web based solution that caters to effective provision of ordering events by remotely located clients and enhanced management of the ordered events by an Event Manager by providing features that guarantee economic and planning transparency and offer time based reminders to both the parties.

  • Virtual  Classroom System                                                                                                

         Database Management Systems project

A database centric virtual implementation of a classroom by managing various attributes and fields for potential users like faculty, students and administrators which exhaustively categorized the services provided on the basis of level of privileges of the users.

  • Stock Market Simulation                                                                     

         Systems Software project

The aim of the project, the simulation that is, to provide a real life based experience of the functioning of the stock market, the concept of share trading, and the effective management and handling of data and statistics throughout the ongoing simulation runtime.



Programming Languages: C, C++, Java, Python, Verilog (HDL), Assembly Language( LC3)

Markup and Query Languages: SQL, HTML, JSP

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 9x/XP, Linux, MAC OSX

Tools: Adobe Photoshop CS2, Macromedia Dreamweaver 8, PSpice 9.1, Scilab 3.1, Adobe Flash 8, Adobe Illustrator CS2, Corel Draw X3, 3D Canvas Pro, Microsoft Visio, Google Sketchup.

Internships and Trainings

SABLA, Raebareily, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA                        

Rural Internship

It involved experiencing and analyzing the life of rural India specially in relation to areas affecting rural women, their problems and concerns so as to devise improvement in their standards of life through implementation of Information and Communication Technology.

Personal Achievements
  • Secured an all India 8th rank in ICSE Xth board merit list.
  • Moderator, Khoj Theatres (DA-IICT Theater Group) - presently having 210 registered members.

  • Event Co-ordinator in Abhivyakti – a national level Theatre Festival, DA-IICT, 2nd February, 2009.

  • Webmaster of Khoj Theatres (DA-IICT Theater Group) website, for academic year 2008-09.

  • First prize in Dramatics Nite 2008 – an annual inter college event.

  • Second prize in Dramatics Nite 2007 – an annual inter college event.

  • Third prize in Stage play dramatics event in Synapse 07 – annual college festival.

  • Member of Editorial board of college press club and currently editor of the popular entertainment section.

  • Third prize in annual science fiction writing competition 2005 by 'Science Reporter' magazine.

  • Second prize in Vista, a short movie making competition in Synapse 08 – annual college festival.

  • Second prize in Excogigate, a technical model presentation in Synapse 08 – annual college festival.

  • Special prize for theme designing in Fashion show event in Synapse 07 – annual college festival.

  • Second prize for website development in the SAARC youth festival 2004, an international inter college event.

  • Second prize in Non-technical assignments category for Analog Circuits Course, semester IV.

Work Aspirations
  • Algorithmic Self-Assembly.

  • Graphics Design and Animation.

  • Human Computer Interaction.

  • Web Services.


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