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Undergraduate Researcher

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Laboratory of Natural Information Processing,



Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology




XTile : An Error-Correction Package for DNA Self-Assembly

             Development of a web based applet and a downloadable package with advanced functionality, providing GUI for automated generation of standard files (used for DNA self-assembly simulation using Xgrow simulator, by Erik Winfree, Caltech) and application of standard error-correction techniques. This research project aims at developing User Interface based support features for algorithmic self-assembly.


Anshul Chaurasia, Sudhanshu Dwivedi, Prateek Jain and Manish K. Gupta - "XTile: An Error-Correction Package for DNA Self-Assembly" to appear in proceedings of 6th Annual Conference on Foundations of Nanoscience (FNANO 09): Self-Assembled Architectures and Devices, Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A., 20th-24th April 2009, 5 pages.


1. Db-Lite (March-April 2008)

As a part of course System Software we did a course project in which we made a Light database system with the help of core system programming in ĎCí language.

2. 3-D Campus Modeling (May 2008)

I participated in GOOGLE 3-D campus modeling competition 2008 in which we had submitted our campus (The whole DA-IICT) model in 3-D.

3. Digital Library Management System (August-November 2008)

As a part of course Database management system we did a course project in which we made a real time Digital Library Management System, by using database technologies.

4. m-Navigator(Project on going)

As a part of course Software Engineering we are making a mobile based map navigator for visiting places like theme park, museum etc. This project also helps in United Nationís one of millennium goal (7th goal by saving paper).

5. Social Club Management System (Project on going)

As a part of course Unified Modeling Language and Model Driven Architecture we are making a system to manage a social system and also help them in networking with other social management systems.

6. Effect of Epigenetic factors and Error control Mechanisms in Breast Cancer (Project on going)

As a part of course Bio-Informatics we are analyzing epigenetic factors on breast cancer and also trying to apply error control mechanism to cure it.


Prog. Languages: C, Java, Verilog (HDL), Assembly Language (LC3), HTML

Operating System: Microsoft Windows(Vista/XP/ME), Linux(Open Suse / Red Hat / Fedora Core )

Design Tools: Adobe Photoshop (7/cs2), Adobe Illustrator (cs3), Gimp, Coral(10/11), Macromedia Flash player 8, Google  Sketch up, Windows movie maker.

Tools: Ms Office(2007/03), XilinxISE8.2i, AVRStudio4.0, Lt Spice, LC3-Simulator, Scilab3.1, NetBeans6.0, Open Office, JCreator, mySQL.

Internships and Trainings

Rural Internship (4 weeks)

Organization:- Hadoti Natural Society

It involved experiencing and analyzing the life of rural India, their problems and concerns such that one can explore improvement in some of them through implementation of Information and Communication Technology. I worked on Eco- conservation and Social aspects of the village Udpuria situated close to the Painted stork community reserve. I also learnt bird study techniques and surveying skills.

Personal Achievements
  • Executive Team Member (Web, Media & Design Team) of Electronic Hobby Club, DAIICT for Janí08 to Janí09.

  • I made a Flash 2-D movie 'Love Actually' for Contest Imagineer in Synapse-2008(Yearly Event held at Collage).

  • Worked as Event Media and Design Co-coordinator in a two day event FPGA workshop.

  • Nominated for RBSE merit Scholarship for further Studies (after 10th).

  • Presently working as a HMC committee member in the student government body of DA-IICT.

  • Won second prize in a creative assignment category for Analog Circuits Course, semester IV.

Work Aspirations
  • Software Application Development and Maintenance.

  • Algorithmic Self-Assembly.


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