Sudhanshu Dwivedi  

Undergraduate Researcher

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Laboratory of Natural Information Processing,



Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology




XTile : An Error-Correction Package for DNA Self-Assembly

            Development of a web based applet and a downloadable package with advanced functionality, providing GUI for automated generation of standard files (used for DNA self-assembly simulation using Xgrow simulator, by Erik Winfree, Caltech) and application of standard error-correction techniques. This research project aims at developing User Interface based support features for algorithmic self-assembly.


Anshul Chaurasia, Sudhanshu Dwivedi, Prateek Jain and Manish K. Gupta - "XTile: An Error Correction Package for DNA Self-Assembly" to appear in proceedings of 6th Annual Conference on Foundations of Nanoscience (FNANO 09): Self-Assembled Architectures and Devices, Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A., 20th-24th April 2009, 5 pages.


1. Event Management System

A web based solution that caters to effective provision of ordering events by remotely located clients and enhanced management of the ordered events by an Event Manager by providing features that guarantee economic and planning transparency and offer time based reminders to both the parties.

2. Machine Plant Simulation

A simulation of a real world Machine plant with its various components like production, packaging, and dispatching working relying on input and output from each other.

3. Employee Training Management System

A complete analysis of the needs and working of a real world Employee Training Management System. Also usage of databse technology to execute some real world information seeking scenarios in an Employee Training Management System.

Programming Languages: Structured / Object oriented: C, C++, Java
Database related: SQL
Web Design: HTML
Assembly Level Programming: LC3
Operating Systems: Linux / Unix, Microsoft Windows (XP / 95/98/2000 )
Tools: Eclipse, Logisim, Microsoft Office, Open Office, JCreator, mySQL, XilinxISE8.2i, Scilab3.1
Internships and Trainings

Rural Internship:                                                                                                                                                                                  Social Work and Research Centre (SWRC), Village Tilonia, Rajasthan

Mentor: Professor Ganesh Devy

Undergone a 4 week Internship in village Tilonia in Rajasthan. Learnt about the various problems faced by the people living in the villages and tried to find solutions by using the knowledge of ICT.

Personal Achievements
  • Selected in CBSE merit list for scholarship for Undergraduate studies.
  • Won 1st position in ‘Rhubarb’, Synapse 2009, a debate-extempore competition in annual college tech-fest.
  • Won 2nd position in ‘Excogitate’, Synapse 2009, a model making competition based on Boolean logic in annual college tech-fest.
  • Won 2nd position in ‘Vista’, Synapse 2008, a movie making competition in annual college tech-fest.
  • Qualified for the City finals ‘Tycoons 2008-The Great Leadership Hunt’ to represent Gandhinagar.
  • Served as the Event Head of the event Imagineer, Synapse 2009 in annual college tech-fest.
  • Wrote for the college and school magazine.
  • Served as the Radio Jockey for the college radio.
  • Served as a member of the college theatre group and took part in three plays.
  • Qualified for the quarter finals of Intra-College Table Tennis Tournament-2007.
Work Aspirations
  • Software Application Development and Maintenance.

  • Algorithmic Self-Assembly.


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