Xtilemod Home Page: A Software Package for Modular Arithmetic via DNA Self-Assembly




This is home page for the software package "Xtilemod".

Xtilemod is a modular arithmetic software package implemented in java which generates .tiles file according to options selected at runtime. For example if we have to add two numbers using 8 tile type addition then we will select the option 1 which chooses the operation of two numbers and thereafter option 1 of 1 which specifile 8-tile type addition. Last step to get the resultant tile design is to enter the input of integers. The code will display the name of file where the resultant output is loaded. For example if we are adding 6 and 12 using 8 tile type addition the output will be loaded in add_8_tile_12,6.tiles.

The resultant .tile file can be simulated using xgrow ( http://www.dna.caltech.edu/Xgrow/ ) The display will be binary. Red color of the resultant tile indicates 1 and the white indicates 0. Resultant tiles are generally at north with a few exception. In case of the division tile set the xgrow compilation displays the quotient at the west and the remainder at the north. In 8 tile addition of two numbers the output is shown at the middle and the inputs are both in the north and south direction. The package can be download by clicking the download on right hand side and complie the java files using "javac *.java" on Mac OSX. The main class file can be executed by running "java xtilemod" on Mac OSX.

Please see our related paper shown below. You may also want to try Xtile (www.guptalab.org/xtile). For comments please contact mankg [at] computer.org


Xtile Package

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Xtile Manual

Link to the software manual is given bellow. Download it for further reference.


Abhishek Chhajer, Manish K. Gupta, Sandeep Vasani, and Jaley Dholakiya, Modular Arithmetic Expressions and Primality Testing via DNA Self-Assembly, Submitted to DNA17 Conference, Caltech, USA, 2011