• For users having trouble in opening the software, please perform the steps below:
    Step 1: Download the most stable release of Java3D Library
    Step 2: Download the most stable release of Java Runtime Environment

  • For users working on Windows XP, the following steps may be used to complete the installation:
    Step 1: Download the Java3D Library
    Step 2: Add the library named "j3dcore-ogl.dll" to the PATH variable.
    • Start -> Control Panel -> System -> Advanced
    • Click on Environment Variables, under System Variables, find PATH, and click on it
    • In the Edit windows, modify PATH by adding the location of the class to the value for PATH
      If you do not have the item PATH, you may select to add a new variable and add PATH
      as the name and the location of the class as the value
    • Close the window
    • Run 3DNA

For users working on Mac OS lower than version 10.5.0, it is a known error that the software may not work perfectly. We are currently workng on the issue.