"If we can write DNA, you're no longer limited to 'What is' but to what you could make."


      --Drew Endy


Many of us have used printers for printing important documents. Even a high school student knows how to print! Recently, we have learned how to print various objects using 3D printers. But we ask, can we print any object at nano-scale? Fortunately, a printer using DNA self-assembly can be designed. DNA self-assembly is a robust approach for building structures at the nanoscale. Researchers all over the world have proposed many techniques to build complex 2D and 3D structures and also implemented them. Two approaches Top-Down and Bottom-Up have been proposed till now to build structures at nanoscale using the DNA self-assemly. Two of our own products 3DNA which uses DNA Bricks and DNA Pen which uses DNA Tiles have successfully been made using the Bottom-Up Approches.

Scaffolded DNA origami is a versatile means of synthesizing complex molecular architectures.This Software "3DNA Printer" uses the Top-Down Approach as proposed by Mark Bathe, Wah Chiu, RĂ©mi Veneziano, Sakul Ratanalert, Kaiming Zhang, Fei Zhang, Hao Yan in the paper Designer nanoscale DNA assemblies programmed from the top down. This Software uses a simple Structured Self-Assembly Algorithm to design any complex 3D Structures at nanoscale automatically using DNA.

3DNA Printer has been developed for the sole-purpose of generating a user-friendly, interactive environment for users to import any 3D structure .obj file and generating the corresponding DNA sequences.

Poster Paper

Amay Agrawal, Birva Patel, Dixita Limbachiya and Manish K Gupta, 3DNA Printer : A Tool For Automated DNA Origami, FNANO'17 Conference 2017, Snowbird, Utah, USA, 2017 (Submitted).