An automation for making tiles and applying standard error correction techniques for DNA self-assembly

XTile produces input files for The Xgrow Simulator to simulate growth of DNA Tiles 


XTile version 1.2  - 2 Way Compact error correction scheme implementation

[download the offline applet, unzip and run through Tilegen13.htm]

Not sure how this works ? Visit the How it works page for a quick tutorial.

XTile 1.0 online applet page

[basic .tiles generator]

How it works page


XTile 1.1 applet download page

[basic .tiles generator with proofread and snake error correction schemes application functionality]


XTile 1.2 online applet for 2 way Compact error correction Scheme  

XTile 1.2 online applet for 3 way Compact error correction Scheme  

How it works page

[compact error correction schemes application standalones]



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Contact us at xtile@guptalab.org

Developed by: Anshul Chaurasia, Sudhanshu Dwivedi, Prateek Jain.

2009.Self-Assembly Group, (a part of Laboratory of Natural Information Processing )