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Assignments - IT 468

There are two kind of assignments: Type I and Type II. Type I assignments (total 3) you need to submit. Type II assignments are given in almost all lectures and require no submission. They will be asked in exams etc. The following Type I assignments you need to submit by due date.

Assignment Supporting Files (If any) Solutions (If any)
Assignment 1 (Review on Models of Computation)
(Due by August 12, 2012)
Assignment 2 (Review on Models of Computation)

(Due by August 26, 2012)
Assignment 3 (Computational DNA Self-Assembly)

(Due by September 23, 2012)
Assignment 4 (Computational DNA Origami)

(Due by October 7, 2012)
Assignment 5 (Chemical Computing)

(Due by November 4, 2012)

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