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Schedule - IT 468
(Introduction to Natural Computing)

Note: Please check this page regularly. Slides and Scribes are available at DA-IICT intranet server. There could be slight variations of the topics to include/exclude new stuff. The projects are development of a software. It will depend on the student interest.

Week Topics Slides Scribes
1 (July 23) Introduction & History
2 (July 30) Basic Models of Computations: Abstract Machines,
Chomsky Hierarchy: Languages and Grammar
Aug 2 Holiday
3 (Aug 6) Variations of Turing Machine and Computation by Circuits
Aug 10 Holiday
4 (Aug 13) Other Models of Computation and Beyond Turing Machine,
Recursive Functions, First order Logic, Post Systems,
Petri Nets, pi-Calculus, DNA computing Experiment
Aug 15 Holiday
5 (Aug 20) Rewriting Systems, L-systems, Cellular Automata
and Block Cellular Automata Algorithmic Botany, Algorithmic Sea Shells
6 (Aug 27) Revision Summary (Aug 30)
Test 1 (Sep 1 to Sep 3)
7 (Sep 3) Models of DNA Computation, Non-Autonomous Models, Autonomous Models
8 (Sep 10) Some Non-Standard Models : P Systems / Membrane Computing,
Cellular Computing/ Ciliate Computing, Peptide Computing,
Bacterial Computing, Chemical Computing , RNA Computing,
Reaction-Diffusion Computing, Physarum Computing Optical
Computing, Wetware Computing, Computing with Ants,
Computing with Billiard Ball
9 (Sep 17) Algorithmic Self Assembly: Bio-Technology, aTAM, kTAM,
Time Dependent Model, DNA Origami
10 (Sep 24) Algorithms for Solving Specific Problems, Complexity Issues, Software Tools
11 (Oct 1) DNA Word Design Problem, Error Correction for DNA Self Assembly,
k x k Proofread, Snake Proofread, Malformed Snake,
Compact Error Correcting Scheme: RW-k-way & GK-k-way
Oct 2 Holiday
12 (Oct 8) Self Healing, Improved Self Healing, Healing by Puncturing
13 (Oct 15) Combined Self Healing and Proofread, Layered Tile Correction,
Coding Framework, Punctured Error Correction,
Link Fracturing Error Correction, Corner Attachment Scheme,
Extreme Nbd. Redundancy, Dimension Augmentation,
2D and 3D Error Correction, Error Correction for Data Storage
14 (Oct 22) Exam Week [Oct 24, 26 h] (None for US!)
15 (Oct 29) Chemical Reaction Networks (CRNs), mass action kinetics
& equilibrium, switches, memories, oscillators,
digital circuits --> CRNs (digital abstraction, latches & recursion); ODE --> CRN
16 (Nov 5) DNA circuits, strand displacement cascades; CRNs --> DNA,
Programming DNA Computer: Horn Classes, Strand Algebra for DNA Computing
Course Evaluation
17 (Nov 12) Semester Break
18 (Nov 19) Chemical Signal Processing, Bacterial Signal Processing,
Synthetic Biology, Morphological (Liquid) Computing
Project Submissions
19 (Nov 26) Final Exam Week (None for US!)

Note: Please check this page regularly. Slides and Scribes are available at DA-IICT intranet server.

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